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Uber & TLC Drivers Must Have A Qualified Lawyer To Help With DMV & TLC Tickets

For over 25 years, attorney Michael Spevack, Esq., has helped save thousands of jobs and tons of money for Taxi and Limousine drivers in the NYC Taxi industry.

Uber & TLC Drivers Must Have A Qualified Lawyer To Help With DMV & TLC Tickets.

If you drive a New York City “For Hire Vehicle”, it is of utmost importance that you fight every ticket received from either the New York Police Department, another police agency in New York, or from the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission inspectors.

Uber, Lyft, and all TLC Drivers in New York City and New York State need to have a reputable lawyer like Michael Spevack to represent them on DMV and TLC tickets in New York City and its surrounding areas.

Attorney Michael Spevack has been helping New York City taxicab drivers for over two decades and he takes pride in helping this segment of the driving market in New York City.

Further, some basic advice is to take the defensive driver course every 18 months. Do not wait three years to take the DDC class that takes points off of your NYS driver’s license.

Please take the course every 18 months so if TLC sends you a letter to suspend or revoke your Hack or TLC license, you will have taken the class before you get such TLC letter.

Now TLC is allowing you to take a course which takes three points off your DMV record according to TLC calculations after you receive a letter from TLC saying you have a suspension or revocation coming to you.

Also, if you are found guilty of a DMV summons it may be best to take a DDC course AFTER the guilty finding at TVB or in other NYS traffic courts.

Moreover, there is a persistent violator course available to reduce TLC points which are now being combined with DMV points and can result in your losing your TLC license very quickly if you speed or talk on your cell phone while driving.

Generally, any moving violation now puts you in jeopardy. Be especially careful if you are a professional driver in New York State.

Uber, Lyft, and all TLC Drivers Need Attorney Mike Spevack, Esq. to Help Them Keep Their Jobs and Save Money and Major Headache!

NYC Taxi Medallions Falling Values

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Our legal firm has extensive experience in helping NYC Taxi Medallion owners determine their best options for relief and helping them navigate the sales and/or bankruptcy process.

We help you find the best remedy for your falling Taxi Medallion value and guide you through the appropriate avenues of recourse.

Medallion (yellow) cabs are concentrated in the borough of Manhattan, but can be hailed anywhere throughout the five boroughs of New York City.

Competition from ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft have put taxi medallion value at its lowest of the century, consequently causing many NYC Taxi Medallion owners to find options to either sell their Medallion or declare bankruptcy to save their credit standing.

Medallions, the small metal shields affixed to the hoods of taxi cabs, are issued by the local taxi authority and effectively allow the cabs to operate legally. Owning one used to be akin to owning a gas-guzzling, money-printing machine.

“Medallions in New York City traded at more than $1 million in 2014, but today’s prices are about half of that.”

Medallions are tightly regulated, and you cannot operate a taxi in New York without one. They’re losing value with the cab business taking a hit amid the rise of ride-share apps like Uber and Lyft.

Early this month, a medallion — basically the right to operate a yellow cab in New York — was listed for $250,000 on nycitycab.com.

It’s safe to say that New York City’s iconic yellow taxis are no longer the go-to method of car service. Not only have they been outnumbered four to one by cars from ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft, the selling price of a taxi medallion, which could have easily commanded seven figures in prior years, has hit an all-time low for the 21st century.

* The Michael Spevack Law Firm Can Help You!

According to the New York Post, a taxi medallion sold last week for just $241,000, which is less than a fifth of what tags were selling for just four years ago. Unsurprisingly, medallion owners are outraged over the decreasing values, considering that just back in 2013, they were selling for as much as $1.3 million.

Though Uber is the most widely used of the many ride-sharing apps out there, it hasn’t been without its ups and downs lately.

The company’s CEO Travis Kalanick received backlash from his decision to work with the Trump administration’s business advisory council. Following online criticism and a call for people to #DeleteUber, Kalanick issued a new statement, clarifying the company’s stance on the Trump administration’s executive orders on immigration; he later quit the advisory team. The company also faces legal issues with Google over Uber’s self-driving car initiative, and has faced criticism for its company culture and the lack of diversity within its workforce. (The Verge has a thorough run-down of the company’s problems of late.)

These are tough times for New York’s taxi king. Like everyone else in the business, Gene Freidman, who controls nearly 900 of the 13,605 medallions that confer the right to drive yellow cabs in the city, has seen his fortunes fall with the rise of Uber and other ride-hailing apps.

Freidman filed for bankruptcy last year to buy time to renegotiate his debts, and in late December a judge ordered him to give creditors 46 medallions and cabs by Jan. 9 or face jail time.

That’s on top of the 44 medallions Freidman already agreed to give to Citibank. It’s unclear what the creditors will do with the medallions—currently worth about $600,000 each, well below their 2013 peak of $1.05 million—but putting them up for sale all at once would surely overwhelm a market that typically sees just a handful of trades per month.

The market pressure hasn’t hurt only cab owners. In 2015 state regulators seized Manhattan-based Montauk Credit Union after it suffered big taxi-related losses. Another New York City lender, Medallion Financial, has seen its stock price plummet to about $3 per share, a nearly 80% drop in just more than three years.

Though things are looking pretty grim for the future of yellow cabs, there might be one saving grace that could make people resort to them over apps in at least one instance.

The Port Authority has confined ride-sharing pick-ups and drop-offs to LaGuardia Airport to a lot that’s slightly further away away from the airport’s entrances, reports DNAinfo, but the new rule does not apply to yellow cabs.

Maybe those looking to traveling to and from the airport will think twice and return to New York’s old faithful.

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