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Street Hail or 19-506 Ticket

Street Hail or 19-506 Ticket

I strongly urge you NOT to go to a hearing without a lawyer if you receive a New York City Street Hail or 19-506 Ticket in 2022.

A Street hail ticket carries significant penalties which are dangerous if you are adjudicated guilty

With proper legal representation, you can Avoid Fines, License suspension, and other DMV negative action on your vehicle.

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19-506 tickets are generally written to people who own cars that are not licensed or registered as taxis in NYC and or drivers who also are not licensed to drive taxis or other for-hire vehicles like Ubers or Lyfts in NYC.

Frequently, Uber drivers from Long Island or Westchester or Connecticut come to NYC airports and pick up passengers illegally at airports or hotels etc.   TLC writes them a 19-506 ticket, which does NOT carry points but rather will result in the suspension of a driver’s license or the vehicle owner’s registration for 60 days or both.

It is wrong for a Connecticut Uber to pick up a passenger in NYC– they can legally drop off but not pick up.

My name is Michael Spevack. I am a New York attorney having my solo law practice in Rego Park Queens, New York. I have been practicing TLC law since 1995 and have defended thousands of taxi and for hire vehicle drivers including Uber and Lyft drivers in that time.

A street hail ticket returnable to OATH, or as I will call it in this article, “taxi court”, is a 19-506 New York City administrative law ticket.

Section 19-506(b)(1) of the administrative code of the City of New York provides, in relevant part that “any person who shall permit another to operate or who shall knowingly operate or offer to operate for hire any vehicle as a taxicab . . . or for-hire vehicle in the city, without first having obtained or knowing that another has obtained a license for such vehicle . . . shall be guilty of a violation, and upon conviction in the criminal court shall be punished by a fine of not less than one thousand dollars or more than two thousand dollars or imprisonment for not more than sixty days, or both such fine and imprisonment. This paragraph shall apply to the owner of such vehicle and, if different, to the operator of such vehicle.”

19-506 tickets or street hail tickets are returnable for a hearing at taxi court. OATH taxi courts are NOT criminal courts so an owner or driver of a motor vehicle who receives such a ticket will NOT go to prison if the ticket is written by TLC or port authority officers and returnable at OATH taxi court.

* Certain tickets under 19-506 can go to criminal court but I am not talking about those in this video. If you have such a criminal ticket call me at 212-754-1011 right away to discuss it!!

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Vehicle and Traffic Law of the State of New York Section 510 2-a paragraphs (a)(b)(c) command the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission or TLC to mandatorily suspend a driver’s license and or the owner’s license who commits such an offense for 60 days each.

* This means that in addition to any fine which is $2000 for driver and owner, a 19-506 violation will lead to a driver’s license being suspended for 60 days and the registration on the vehicle wrongly used as a taxi will be suspended for 60 days. You can’t use this car and you will likely have great insurance problems with such car after a 19-506 violation.

My law firm can help you in this situation and I always provide a free initial consultation. Simply call me at 212-754-1011 or email me at [email protected].

If you are a driver or owner or both driver and owner and have a 19-506 street hail summons issued either at an airport or hotel or on the streets of the City, please do not hesitate to contact me for assistance as this is a serious offense.

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