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Stop Sign Ticket/1172A of VTL

How to Fight a Stop Sign or 1172A Ticket

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So you've received a Stop Sign or 1172A Ticket. Now what...

A stop sign violation is governed by section 1172A of the New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL).

The VTL is the statutory scheme passed by the New York Legislature and approved by the Governor of New York State whereby motor vehicles are regulated, among other things, according to the rules of the road.

The State has passed laws that govern the rules drivers must use when accessing the roads in New York State.

Even though a stop sign is a type of traffic control device and could therefore be covered under VTL 1110A, a stop sign violation has its own statute, 1172A. A motorist unlucky enough to receive such a summons will receive three points on his or her license to drive a vehicle in New York State.

It is possible for a police officer to issue a VTL 1110A summons for disobeying a traffic control device for violating a stop sign. That would be a break for a motorist, because an 1110A only carries two points.

Stop sign violations (VTL 1172A) will also result in monetary fines and surcharges, increased insurance, and perhaps a New York State tax or assessment depending on whether you have other points on your license.

A motorist who receives an 1172A summons benefits greatly by contacting us at Michael Spevack Law Offices because our attorney’s have specific knowledge of the rules of the road and the process under which a motorist will be prosecuted.


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TLC Drivers Need To Pay Particular Attention To STOP SIGN TICKETS

I strongly urge you NOT to go to a hearing without a lawyer if you receive a TLC stop sign ticket in 2022.

TLC points are the enemy of every TLC driver.

As you can see, it is best to have a speeding ticket dismissed or points reduced, if at all possible. Our lawyers can help you by providing knowledge of the rules and process so that you incur the least possible damage to your wallet and your livelihood as a consequence of receiving a speeding ticket.

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