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Penalties And Consequences For EZ-PASS Speeding Violations Can Be Severe

Violation fines, fees, other charges can rack up quickly!

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EZ-Pass Penalties Can Stack Up Quickly! Watch Out!!

E-Z Pass can record the license plate of a motorist that violates the posted speed limit in the EZ Pass lane.

Each E-Z Pass is registered with driver and vehicle information, so E-Z Pass is able to determine who is obeying and who is disobeying posted speed limits.

It is the harsh reality of life in and around the City of New York that inevitably you will receive parking, traffic, TLC, EZ-Pass and other tickets.

Sometimes these tickets and accordant penalties can amount to tens of thousands of dollars, especially if you are a professional driver.

Once these penalties accrue to such a large amount, your registration or New York State driving privilege may become suspended. If that happens and you are a professional driver, you are essentially put out of work and are unable to make money. You lose all ability to support you and your family and lose the chance to pay off the fine amounts and gain your license or registration back.

My law firm might be able to help you in this circumstance. You may be eligible to work out a payment plan with the State or City which will result in your obtaining your license and/or registration, and, hence, your livelihood back while you make the required payments.

This is not an inexpensive remedy, but it might be available to you in certain circumstances. There is a fair-sized legal fee and payments must be made towards the fines owed, but it is a way out for many.


The website of the New York Thruway Authority explains the rules for E-ZPass speeding violations. According to the Thruway Authority: “Safety of the traveling public and Thruway employees is critical to the Authority’s mission. E-Z Pass offers motorists the freedom of non-stop travel on the Thruway; however, motorists are reminded of their requirement to obey the posted speed limit and direction of toll collectors.”

The maximum speed limit that a motorist may travel differs depending upon the specific toll plaza where the motorist is driving. Although there are some plazas which set the maximum speed at 5 miles per hour, other toll plazas allow motorists to move more quickly.

All drivers who travel through an E-Z Pass lane are also expected to wait until the light turns green before passing through the toll lane. Waiting for the green light ensures that vehicles are able to move through the toll lane in an orderly fashion, minimizing the risk of accidents occurring.


E-Z Pass can record the license plate of a motorist that violates the posted speed limit in the EZ Pass lane. Each E-Z Pass is registered with driver and vehicle information, so E-Z Pass is able to determine who is obeying and who is disobeying posted speed limits.

If a motorist violates the posted limit in an E-Z Pass lane, the motorist may receive a warning for the first violation. This written warning notice is sent in the mail. For a repeat violation, the motorist can receive a 60-day suspension of his E-Z Pass, followed by a 90-day suspension.

Repeated violations can also result in a motorist’s pass being permanently revoked. Any and all consequences that are imposed by E-Z Pass are separate from the consequences that motorists can face for violating a posted speed limit. A law enforcement officer can still stop a speeding motorist and issue a traffic ticket to that motorist for violating speed limit laws, even if the violation occurs while the motorist is traveling though any toll lane, including an E-Z Pass lane.

When a vehicle passes through a picture is captured of the vehicle license plate. As New York State says, “Non-E-ZPass customers that use these lanes have images of their license plates captured by a video enforcement system. A notice of violation is generated and sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. Notices generally take about 4-6 weeks to receive.”

Violation fees, other charges can rack up quickly!

If you use a suspended or revoked E-ZPass, one with a negative balance, or one in a vehicle of a different class than it was originally registered to (a tractor-trailer, for example), you may incur whopping charges of up to $100 per occurrence.

Watch for any letters from E-ZPass. They can sneak up on you!

If you change your address, vehicles, phone numbers, or credit card or bank account information, update your account to ensure you receive all E-ZPass communication and avoid fees.

You can be fined if you’re using an E-ZPass registered to a different vehicle class. For example, if you’re using an E-ZPass registered to a truck in your car, that’s a problem.

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