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I will discusses and clarify some common criminal traffic stops for drivers as well as some basic information defendants that need quality criminal defense legal work. My name is Michael Spevack. I am a lawyer having my own practice located in Queens, New York. Since 1995, my firm has been helping people with issues related to driving in New York State and with criminal issues related to taxis in New York City.

* Common Criminal Stops for Drivers & Information for ALL Defendants *

Since graduating NYU School of Law, I have dedicated my law practice to helping people, not large corporations with their legal problems.
A frequent problem my law practice encounters regarding a criminal stop for motorists in the tri-state NY area is DWI by alcohol or drugs as described in section 1192 of the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law or VTL. I will not go into great detail in the video concerning DWI charges, but I want to stress that this is a serious matter that needs competent legal representation.

If you hold a CDL or a taxi license from NYC TLC, you will have additional work-related legal problems over and above the numerous other regular consequences of such a charge. VTL 1212 or reckless driving is another frequent criminal traffic stop.

If found guilty of a reckless driving violation, you will have a criminal record, a misdemeanor, and 5 points on your license in addition to a fine. For CDL driver, a 1212 is considered a serious violation. My law firm can help you if you receive a reckless driving summons.

VTL 511-1a, aggravated unlicensed operation in the 3rd degree, is a misdemeanor, meaning it is a crime, and punishable by 30 days in prison and a fine plus surcharge. This is the most common VTL 511 charge but there are more serious VTL 511-2ai charges such as aggravated unlicensed 2d degree if previously convicted of aggravated unlicensed in the past 18 months, etc.

VTL 600-1a leaving the scene of an accident for property damage without reporting it and VTL 600-2a leaving the scene of an accident for personal injury and not reporting it. There are various degrees of leaving the scene of an accident without reporting it including the most serious, where a death occurs. Obviously, there are varying levels of punishment but even for a VTL 600-1a, property damage leaving the scene, a CDL driver will lose his or her license for 1 year if accident not reported.

There are numerous other criminal stops, but at this point I want to say a word to taxi drivers in NYC. If you are arrested for numerous crimes as contained in New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) rules, then your TLC license will be suspended pending resolution of the criminal case or you may request a hearing at TLC.

** I strongly urge you to talk to my office if you find yourself in this situation or any of the situations mentioned in this video. You most likely will need quality legal representation.

One last word regarding any arrest, either for driving or not.

My law office provides effective legal representation in the tri-state area for arrests of any type including fighting with or without weapons, rape, prostitution or soliciting a prostitute, among others.



We can represent clients accused of soliciting, or engaging in prostitution – We fight back against wrongful criminal charges. New York prostitution laws are aimed at several offenses that stem from the illegal act of participating or agreeing to participate in sexual conduct in exchange for money. It is a Class B misdemeanor.

New York City Assault Lawyer

One of the most difficult times in your life is when you’re facing criminal charges, which can be overwhelmingly stressful and may land you in jail . New York law allows prosecutors to aggressively go after even misdemeanor criminal charges. This means that even a seemingly small charge can lead to serious legal consequences if you are convicted.

Even a first-time or misdemeanor assault charge could lead to time in jail upon conviction. With so much at stake, it’s vitally important to contact Michael Spevack, your aggressive criminal defense attorney immediately following your arrest. Assault charges often are the result of a two-sided issue.

I’m always happy to talk to you if you find yourself charged with a crime.


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