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How to Fight New York TLC Tickets Which Have Points In 2022

TLC Points Are The Enemy Of Every TLC Driver - 2022

TLC tickets that have points can be dangerous if you are adjudicated guilty.

This video discusses how to fight a NYC TLC ticket which have points.

My name is Michael Spevack. I am a New York attorney having my solo law practice in Rego Park Queens, New York. I have been practicing TLC law since 1995 and have defended thousands of taxi and for hire vehicle drivers including Uber and Lyft drivers in that time.

 How can you tell if a particular TLC summons carries points?

Title 35 of the Rules of the City of New York, entitled Taxi and Limousine Commission, is the place to look for rules which will tell you if you summons does indeed carry TLC points.

Chapter 80 of Title 35 of the Rules of the City of New York is called “Drivers of Taxicabs, For-Hire Vehicles and Street Hail Liveries.” 35 RCNY 80-02 contains certain mandatory penalties, such as for service refusal or overcharges. These carry graduating penalties such that combination of 3 refusals and overcharges in 36 months (3 years, a long period) will result in revocation.

Rules 80-12, 80-13 and 80-14 contain many violations such as speeding, failure to yield, stop sign, fraud, harassment, disobey a reasonable request, etc. which carry points. Simply find the rule online to determine if it has points.

TLC points are the enemy of every TLC driver.

 How can I help you if you receive a ticket that carries points?

I may be able to save you the points with TLC if you qualify for certain violations as determined by the TLC settlements department. My fee to do so, is quite reasonable and you will not have to attend court, as my law firm can take care of this for you.

I strongly urge you NOT to go to a hearing without a lawyer if you receive such a TLC ticket with points. I offer a free initial consultation and would be glad to discuss your stop sign summons with you.

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