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Covid-19 Traffic Tickets in New York City

Covid-19 Traffic Tickets in New York City | How To Get Traffic Ticket Help | Call (212) 754-1011 Now

The Covid-19 pandemic has created many concerns for drivers that have received a traffic ticket.
The questions and circumstances abound as our community tries to adjust.

“Don’t panic and pay!” “Fight Your Ticket!!” “Save Money, Time, and Stress!!!”
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NYU Law Graduate and New York City’s #1 Traffic Ticket Attorney, Michael Spevack, discusses fighting New York traffic tickets in and around New York City and its suburbs during this time of COVID-19 and more.

Just paying your traffic ticket to get it out of the way as soon as possible will only cost you A LOT more money in the future; it affects your credit rating, increases your insurance premiums, and places point on your license.

It’s foolish to just pay your ticket, especially during this pandemic period. Because of Covid-19, changes have been made with the DMV and the Courts. The DMV Traffic cops, who act as prosecuting officers, call into hearings and share evidence over the telephone, a right not extended to motorists. The phone-in sessions also rob judges of valuable information, things as simple as body language and as fundamental as the chance to see an officer’s notes. I can help you with those circumstances.

While new rules allow motorists to submit written testimony, the system is difficult for drivers to navigate and the consequences of a mistake are often a guilty verdict.

Police mistakes can prove costly as well. It’s not unheard of for police to incorrectly transcribe a license number and summon the wrong driver to court, yet it’s impossible to disprove if the officer cannot see the defendant. My law firm can help you with that issue as well.

I’m always available to help you understand your status and choices going forward. I can help you fight your traffic ticket and provide a no-contact and safe resolution to your problem.

I represent clients in the New York City Traffic Violations Bureau, which are the New York City traffic courts as well as other traffic courts in New York State.

In these scary and uncertain times of COVID-19 , I can help you try to dismiss your traffic summonses in New York City and its surrounding suburbs, or anywhere in New York State.

The Traffic Violations Bureau in New York City is currently closed. Often, letters have gone out to motorists stating that their driver’s license is scheduled to be suspended etc. and some motorists simply pay the ticket or are scared about the ticket or tickets. Attorney Spevack can help in many instances, with this issue or other ticket issues.

There are severe consequences for driving with a suspended license and a motorist very well might wind up in jail if a police officer catches him or her driving with such a suspended license. Contact attorney Michael Spevack to avoid this from happening to you.

In addition to license suspension, there are potential immigration consequences to tickets and your insurance can rise due to the points associated with the summonses. Further, there is a fine and other financial penalty associated with a guilty ticket or tickets.

I have devoted over 25 years of legal practice to help individuals not corporations because as an attorney, I care about each his clients as people. I’m here to help you when times are bad.

In addition to traffic ticket work, I can help you write a will and or other estate planning documents. I’m a big believer in reasonable cost and demystifying the Will writing process. It is very important to have a will in these uncertain times, so please contemplate doing one as soon as possible.

Whether you have received a Traffic Ticket or need a Will (or update), please contact me; attorney Michael Spevack to discuss your situation.

Most importantly contact me at 866-Law-Mike ((866) 529-6453) or (212) 754-1011 for a free initial consultation.

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