How to Fight a VTL 1110A Ticket in NYC — Legal and Procedural Differences in NYC require special counsel

If you received a ticket for driving through a red light in New York, there are severe consequences in store for you if you are found guilty or plead guilty yourself to such a violation.

This can be true even if you don’t have a New York State driver’s license. New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law (VTL) section 1111D is the statue under which most red light tickets are written in New York.

A red light summons carries three DMV penalty points. In a City in New York State having more than one million people, the fines are increased. There are increased fines for repeat or recidivist offenders and these type of tickets can get very expensive.

A red light camera ticket does not carry DMV points and most motorists should simply pay this type of summons without the necessity of hiring a lawyer.

However, there are instances where New York City taxicab drivers may want to challenge a red light camera ticket because the licensing agency for New York City cab drivers, the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC), can add points to a cab drivers’ hack or TLC license for such an offense.

What can happen if you get found guilty or plead guilty to an 1111D violation?

You will receive a monetary fine and a surcharge, you may have to pay a “bad” driver tax/assessment to New York State even if you don’t reside in New York State if you have other summonses on your record, you will receive three points against your driver’s license, your insurance can go up, and you could lose your job if you drive for a living or your license to drive if you have to many total points.

As you can see, it is best to have a red light ticket dismissed or points reduced or taken out of 1111D with its mandatory penalties, if at all possible. A lawyer can help you by providing knowledge of the rules and process to aid you to receive the least possible damage to your wallet and life as a consequence of receiving a red light ticket.

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