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1110A Tickets

What is a New York State Vehicle and Traffic (VTL) law section 1110A ticket?


The 1110A ticket traffic ticket is issued to a motorist who allegedly has disobeyed a traffic control device.

The VTL is the statutory scheme passed by the New York State Legislature and approved by the Governor of New York State whereby motor vehicles are regulated, among other things, according to the rules of the road.

The State has passed laws that govern the rules drivers must use when accessing the roads in New York State. The VTL allows NYC and other local municipalities or localities to create their own rules in certain circumstances.

But, VTL 1110A is a New York statewide rule.  A driver can’t disobey a pavement marking in Utica any more than he/she can in Brooklyn.

What is a traffic control device? A traffic control device is any sign or pavement marking that controls behavior on a roadway in New York.

For instance, if you go through a stop sign, that is technically a violation of the VTL section 1172; a more precise statute that governs stop sign violations. An 1172 violation carries 3 points instead of the 2 points that an 1110A violation does and has more specific elements than an 1110A violation, but traffic courts in NY allow police officers to write 1110A tickets for violations of stop signs.

The bottom line: Any sign or pavement marking is a traffic control device.  Even a traffic signal is a traffic control device.

If you are found guilty of an 1110A you will receive a monetary fine and 2 points on your driver’s license in NYS. You might receive points if you have a license from outside NYS as well.

Speeding tickets in New York State are, in some instances, reduced to an 1110A instead of an 1180 which is a positive development for a motorist.  A motorist who receives an 1110A summons should contact us immediately because our Law Offices have specific knowledge of the rules of the road and the process under which a motorist will be prosecuted.


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