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NYU Law Graduate and New York City’s #1 Traffic Ticket Attorney, Michael Spevack, discusses the ramifications of traffic ticket guilty pleas.

Getting a New York City speeding ticket is inconvenient at best, and downright expensive at worst. Not only will the court likely assess a fine, but you also run the risk of increased insurance rates. There are several ways to take care of a speeding ticket, and each has its pros and cons.

The best route depends on you and your situation. Look at your ticket for information on how to pay your ticket, where to pay it and by what date the fine is due. Check online or call NYC DMV. You may be able to find additional resources to help you decide how you’d like to handle the speeding ticket. Some jurisdictions allow you to pay fines online. In others, you may be able to mail in your ticket with your payment or deliver it to the local courthouse.

Paying the ticket indicates that you do not contest the charges or the consequences listed on your ticket. Points will be removed from your license accordingly. Fighting or Amending the Ticket Call your local traffic court to obtain information about what to do if you wish to contest your speeding ticket. Appear in court on the scheduled date.

You will likely be given time to discuss any mitigating circumstances with either a prosecutor or judge prior to entering your plea. If you have evidence to present (such as a mechanic’s bill for replacing a faulty speedometer, or photos showing obstructed views of traffic signs), bring it with you because you may have an opportunity to present it at this time.

Ask the judge or prosecutor to reduce the fine, amend the points assessed against your license or both. You may be asked to attend traffic school, but doing so should result in fewer (if any) points being assessed against your driving record.

Although you’ll pay for traffic school and you’ll likely pay the fine for your ticket, keeping any points off your driving record can keep your auto insurance company from raising your rates. Plead “not guilty” when asked to enter a plea if the judge or prosecutor is unwilling to reduce the fine or point assessment and you still believe you have a case.

A plea of “not guilty” means that a court date will be arranged and you will be asked to appear in court to present your evidence. The benefits of hiring a reputable and knowledgeable traffic ticket lawyer far outweighs the possible consequences.


• Be courteous when dealing with police officers, court officials and attorneys. Belligerent behavior won’t win you any favor and, in fact, could make your situation worse.

• Don’t hesitate to contact the court clerk if you have any questions about how to proceed with taking care of your speeding ticket.

• Schedule a court date at your city hall within the time frame allotted for you. This date can be found on your ticket. Remember to bring this with you when scheduling a hearing.

• Hire a lawyer or another experienced professional to help you. Even if you are unable to afford this, a brief consultation can familiarize you with what you may have missed in your own research. They will also provide you with a general idea of what to expect in court.

• Become familiar with the location of your trial ahead of time to ensure a timely arrival. A late appearance will not only lessen your credibility but leave you frazzled and unprepared to defend your case.

• Wear appropriate, modest clothing to your trial. Professional-looking attire you might wear to the workplace is best-suited for formal appearances. Avoid choosing something overly casual, dirty or potentially offensive.

• Address the judge as ‘Your Honor’ and maintain eye contact to ensure that you do not get distracted or give an impression of insecurity. Regarding everyone with respect and courtesy is vital in earning the trust of the judge.

• Let your driving record work in your favor. Even if you have many traffic offenses, you may be able to shed light on how they are unrelated to speeding or spaced far apart.

• Respect the decision of the judge, keeping in mind that you have the option of making an appeal. All of your conduct may be recorded and used against you in any future trial. Warning

• Whatever you do, don’t fail to either appear in court or pay your fine by the date it is due. Failure to pay traffic fines can result in serious consequences such as suspension of your driving privileges or even the issuing of an arrest warrant.

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