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Hello. I am a 1992 NYU School of Law graduate and have helped thousands of motorists dismiss or reduce their traffic tickets such as speeding tickets or reckless driving tickets.  I’ve represented thousands of clients throughout New York State and have dedicated my law firm to traffic issues since 1995.


Why should you fight your traffic ticket?

  • Keep your insurance rates low  — a speeding ticket could raise your insurance costs significantly
  • Stop or prevent driver’s license suspensions or revocations
  • Minimize fines and State taxes such as the driver’s responsibility assessment which is essentially a tax for being a “bad” driver in NYS.
  • Eliminate the need to go to Court yourself
  • Keep your job if you drive for a living or need your license to go to work it is imperative to use a lawyer to fight traffic tickets you receive


My fees are very reasonable and all matters are handled by me personally.


Simply call me at the toll free number to discuss your matter confidentially and professionally.  All initial consultations are free.


Thank you,

Michael Spevack, Esq.

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